Efficient energy management

Electricity cost reduction through the self-generated solar energy for consumption.

Huge Savings

Reduce your electricity bill. We are here to help you with economical solar solutions.

Installation Process

We ensure that your Solar PV installation is hassle-free right from installation to maintenance.

Our Strength

Tier-1 Solar Panels - Our Strength. We are proud of our quality and services.

Tailored Solar Solutions

We provide Solar solutions tailored to suit your home/residential needs.

Licensed Solar Installers

Our highly experienced Solar installers are licensed to work across Australia.

Who We Are ?

Sunlite Solar is a solar solution provider company with a dedicated expert team and a mission to solarize the homes of Victoria, Australia. We are a dynamic, experienced and skilled team with the goal of Solarization. Our aim is to provide the best residential solar solutions tailored to serve your needs. We also warranty a long-term commitment of up to 25 years with our clients.

We are proud of our quality, services, engineering techniques and customized financial strategies. We work closely with you and make sure that your Solar installation is smooth and efficient. We make sure that your documentation is proper and your Solar system installation is completed within the timelines.

Need a Residential Solar Solution?

Whether you're looking to install a solar PV or need a battery storage system.

How can we help you?

Harness the sun’s energy to power your home


Are you building a new home ?

Saving on expenses is an important aspect for every home owner, business. If you'are building a new residential property/home then this is the best time to take care of options required for Solar integration. You call Sunlite Solar experts at any stage of construction to discuss your solar requirements.

Make your home Sunlite Solar-ready

We send our expert technicians to visit your home for solar assessment. We take utmost care to analyse your property and your home’s structural layout to ensure that the Solar system is installed and wired to suit your energy requirements in the best possible manner.